Logistics simplified.

Rally Logistics Inc. is one of Canada's experienced and most exciting 3rd Party Logistics Providers. As a recognized leader in our industry, Rally Logistics prides itself on service, competitiveness and reliability. Rally is not just of service to our customers but to our carriers as well.

Along with our combined experience in the transportation business we also come with extensive knowledge of the produce industry and refrigerated transportation of goods.

Learn more about how Rally Logistics could be of service to you:

Our customers


One phone call away from all your transportation requirements.

With access to hundreds of trucking companies which equates to thousands of trucks and trailers, you know Rally can get the job done.

Competitive pricing on spot markets or fixed year round rates.

With our industry knowledge and our ability to adjust on moments notice you know you're always competitive whenever rates or markets fluctuate.

Worried about the unknown? We can give you set rates week long, month long or year round. You won't have to worry about what tomorrow brings.

Custom service to suit you.

The person you call is the same person who will handle your load from beginning to end, nothing gets passed off to a dispatcher.

We are sales, customer service and dispatch, our hats are many but our customer is you. You'll speak to the same person day in day out, one phone call away available 24/7.


You'll never have to worry about whether or not we have a trailer in our yard. Our yard encompasses North America and our fleet numbers in the thousands.

Our truckers


We pay C.O.D.

Worried about money? Hey times are tough let's face it, Rally Logistics provides C.O.D. payments on all loads once delivered with a clean bill of lading. Need an advance on a load, we will provide an advance up to one third the value of a load for a nominal charge. No more waiting 28 days or longer for payment.

Too much down time?

Rally Logistics prides itself on the fact that we don't just look for trucks for our customers, we look for loads for our truckers! You're just as important so why not feel the same sense of urgency. How many times have you called other brokers and been told “nothing yet”. You hang up that phone and think, are they giving an honest effort? Rally Logistics works just as hard for our trucks as we do for our customers.

Sign-up for our Freight Finder — it's free! Once registered, you'll get access to our realtime loads and be able to post your availability so we can get you on the road and working.

You're always running team with RALLY!

Sometimes the only thing we don't do is drive the truck for you. Rally Logistics takes the initiative that you require to get the job done right. We're not scared of a little work, we're a phone call away for directions, advice, or help, just name it. You'll always have us on your team.

Competitive pricing

Rally Logistics is competitively priced not only for our customers sake but for our trucks, so you know that you're getting the fair rate for that day. Call and compare, we welcome it!

Ask Us a Question

Our team of specialists are standing by to help with any and all logistics and transportation needs.